HAPPY BIRTHDAY to every WISEGUY....the "Son's of Montebello"... MONTEBELLO's Big Band and Machine-THE WISEGUYS! I usually keep it short here on FB...but today I have to make an exception. I've been a Wiseguy for more than half my life now. 28 yrs ago this month...during my winter break as a Sophomore at Montebello High School back in '89...I was at home bored. I called my band teacher Mr. Larry Covellone aka-Mr.C at home to see if Robert Villalobos (our lead trumpet player since day 1), my Lil Bro Frank Barajas ( our lead singer), and some of our MOB (Mighty Oiler Band) friends could borrow instruments from the band room at Montebello High School.. Mr. C said YES and, he was nice enough to come open up the band room during winter break for us to get the instruments we needed to "Jam". The rest is history (and...it also took hard work and dedication from every guy and gal that's been and is in the band). Through the yrs. The WISEGUYS and I have literally grown up together. They have been there for me, and we have been there for each other. Through good, the bad, and the ugly. We've been to each other's Birthdays, Graduations, Weddings, birth our kids, baptism, when we lost a loved one and even when one of us is sick. Make no mistake about it, We will be there for each other. One thing I can always count on
...no matter how hot or cold the weather is, toothache, flu, stomach ache, fever or not....when the band hits the stage...you won't know our aches, pains or troubles...because we are there to make you forget yours...The WISEGUYS give 100%, NO MATTER WHAT!! To all The Wiseguys past and present...THANK YOU for being the soundtrack to my life for the past 28yrs! "Once a Wiseguy, always a Wiseguy"!!! SALUD...to another 28yrs! LET'S DO THIS!!! -Art Barajas (Drummer and Wiseguy for life)
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Hey Folks!! Hope all is well. We've been gone for a bit but will be swinging back in action soon. We have big shows coming in 2018 and we are getting some new tunes ready for all of you to sing and dance to :) Did someone say a Mambo Show?? Bobby Darin Show?? Frank Sinatra Show?? All these shows are Coming 2018. We hope to see you all there. We'lll keep you posted. Happy Holidays and enjoy your families and loved ones. Thank you for the support and will see you very soon. SALUD! Your pals, THE WISEGUYS! ... See MoreSee Less

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Today Huntington Beach - Central Park 5pm free show all ages bring your chairs, blankets,food and drinks 😉 ... See MoreSee Less

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